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LCD Recycling Price

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iPhone 5
iPhone 5Non-OEM$0.50
iPhone 5Pink/White or Yellow Spot$0.50
iPhone 5C/5SOEM$1.00
iPhone 5C/5SNon-OEM$0.50
iPhone 5C/5SPink/White or Yellow Spot$0.50
No Generic No Dead For iPhone 5
iPhone 6OEM$2.00
iPhone 6Non-OEM White or Yellow Spot$1.00
iPhone 6Generic$0.50
iPhone 6 PlusOEM$8.00
iPhone 6 PlusNon-OEM White or Yellow Spot$3.00
iPhone 6 PlusGeneric$0.50
iPhone 6SOEM$10.00
iPhone 6SNon-OEM White or Yellow Spot$5.00
No Generic For iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S PlusOEM$22.00
iPhone 6S PlusNon-OEM White or Yellow Spot$10.00
No Generic For iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 7OEM$25.00
iPhone 7Non-OEM White or Yellow Spot$15.00
No Generic For iPhone 7
iPhone 7 PlusOEM$35.00
iPhone 7 PlusNon-OEM White or Yellow Spot$25.00
No Generic For iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6 / 6+ / 6S / 6S+ / 7 / 7+Dead$0.05
No Generic Dead LCD 

*ALL good lcds, display and touch both must work.

*ALL cable must be attached